Diary of a Jealous Girl


Diary Entry /three/

Dear diary,

Today… I can say that my day had gone just fine. Not that perfect, but just fine.

Well if you exempt the fact that I got angered and annoyed because of my friend and her favor… it IS much better than yesterday and the day before that.

But more over… it started when I woke up at 10 in the morning. I don’t know but I feel much better and I find it enjoyable to laugh. So I did laugh wholeheartedly. But then, my friend chatted me and asked me a favor which I also did because… I don’t want her to find out that I’m mad at her or anything. Next things that happened… hmmm, my mom, me together with my nee-chan went to the mall. And let’s just say it helped me loosen a bit.

We just walked around the mall. Checked some t-shirts and other stuffs. After that we ate at KimBob… just plain recognizable dishes since it’s our first time eating there. And after that we also went to comic alley. There I relieved my stress and bought a Katekyo Hitman Reborn poster and stickers. I also bought a new ozine magazine. After that we finally went home

I managed to loosen up and that’s good I think. Though my headaches really kept on coming. I don’t know, maybe I’m sick? Though I hope not since I don’t want to be a burden to my parents…

Okay back to what happened that night… I just posted in my fb account that It’ll be okay to visit me tomorrow and tagged my said friend in it. I don’t know… maybe, going out of the house managed to clear my mind a little bit? But anyway, yeah, I tagged her and and at about 11pm  she answered that she really is planning to visit me and almost gone crazy when I said that no one is allowed to go to my house on the following remaining days of April…

I’m glad, she didn’t notice that I hated her for the last few days. But truth to be told, I don’t hate her that much anymore. Kinda because she keeps on bringing up the situation about sT and her… but whatever, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I remain as an invisible fan, I’ll still support him.

Now, I’m still talking to my friend… not really talking, we’re just responding to each other via comments. And I’ll be sure not to let her talk about the sT situation we have right now… I don’t want to revert back to the emo girl I was before….since it might make my headache even more…

Is it me, or this entry is really confusing? Well, I guess me myself is confused on what happened this day… my mind really tends to forget things faster than expected…

Anyway, this has been M-chan! I’ll be off to bed now reading some KHR fanfic again :)

With all my remaining love